The Challenge

How might we clarify the attractions of a repurposed industrial space, and invite visitors to explore it?

The Solution

A democratic brand system for a public space

My Contributions

Branding, Wayfinding Prototyping, Interface and Experience Design

Papiroen Mockup

I. Discovery

Papirøen (Danish for "Paper Island") is an artifical island along Copenhagen’s harbor. The island got its name from its history as a paper storage hub for the Danish Press.

In recent years, creative businesses have been moving into the empty warehouses with the hope of reinventing the industrial area as a public space.

Papiroen in the summer
Papiroen in the winter

However, the island’s tucked-away location and lack of visible identity in the greater city have made Papirøen a confusing destination for locals and tourists.

Papirøen is a patchwork of different architectures, colors, and textures, which can be unfriendly for folks trying to figure out where to go. It does, however, make peeking around corners an adventure.

Papiroen Texture
Papiroen Texture

Papiroen Texture
Papiroen Texture

My overall goal was to preserve this adventure, and reveal every corner of the island as an opportunity for exploration, while giving visitors agency over their own discovery of the space.

Papiroen logo

II. Delivery

The logo is meant to give the island a cohesive identity, yet be flexible enough to be a template for Papirøen's creative businesses to fill in. The mark itself is just a starting point for a graphic wayfinding system that evolves with the island:

Papiroen Wayfinding Icons

Papiroen Logo Mockup Papiroen Wayfinding Mockup

Ultimately, the Papirøen brand is flexible, democratic, and lively. The result is a refresh of the island as a cultural destination worth exploring in Copenhagen.