Jazz 101

The Challenge

How might we support a public radio station's local tradition of jazz content?

The Solution

A microsite that highlights the station's voice

My Contributions

Research, User Testing, Interface and Experience Design

Jazz 101 Mockup

I. Discovery

WAER is a public radio station based in Syracuse, NY. The station is locally known for a tradition of excellent jazz music curation. This tradition, however, was not translated into WAER’s emerging online presence.

I first identified three major target listener groups.

Loyal Traditional Listeners

Leisurely Online Listeners

Younger Potential Listeners

Through interviews with listeners in each of these groups, I learned that WAER's audience feels out of touch with the local voice of the station's jazz programming, and wishes that they could better sustain a relationship with music they hear on the radio.

II. Delivery

Jazz 101 is a microsite that serves as a home base for WAER's jazz content, and a universal guide for learning and sharing.

The site has a permanent collection of podcasts made by the station, featuring categories that listeners want to know more about:

Jazz 101 Cities Podcasts

It also has a dynamic stream of jazz tunes:

Jazz Player Stream Detail

This provides more opportunities for listeners to form a relationship with new music.

Jazz Player Stream Animation
A tweet automatically generated by the jazz player

The microsite positions WAER as a content creator, and shares the cultural perspective that the station became known for. Jazz 101 provides an alternative service to the listening community that is loyal to WAER's unique jazz programming. Moreover, it attracts a new, curious audience by emphasizing jazz music, history, and discovery.