SU Bike Share

The Challenge

How might we position biking as a viable means of transportation on a college campus?

The Solution

A campaign for a bike share program that collects current resources for biking in a central location

My Contributions

Research, Branding, Community Design, Print Design, Campaign Implementation

Biking iPhone Website Mockup

I. Discovery

As a part of my senior capstone project, I wanted to investigate the condition of biking on the Syracuse University campus, and further make it easier for students to get into biking.

Syracuse Bike Share Notes

During my research, I learned that the SU Student Assocation would be launching a university bike share program within the year. This began a collaboration with the Student Association towards creating a cohesive, visible identity for biking on campus.

II. Delivery

Syracuse Bike Share Style Guide

I created a brand system for the Syracuse University Student Assocation Bike Share Program. The identity for the bike share program is meant to be bold and flexible, while the logo itself displays motion and friendliness.

Syracuse Bike Share Style Guide Syracuse Bike Share Style Guide
Syracuse Bike Share Color Variation Animation

A bright color palette and a simple, unifying mark make the brand system easy to recognize, even whizzing by at fast speeds.

In addition to creating an identity for biking on campus, I created a pocket student guide that introduces the basics of bike safety and etiquette.

Syracuse Bike Guide: Why Bike
Syracuse Bike Guide: Anatomy of a Bike
Syracuse Bike Guide: Sharing the Road
Syracuse Bike Guide Map

The Syracuse University bike campaign also encourages exploration of the city, and positions biking as a way to get the most out of the surrounding Syracuse area. The bike share system and campaign are set to launch in the fall.